My Goal

Agent Partner Program

I am currently looking for a group of real estate agents to team with me. My goal is to make the home buying experience quicker and less stressful for both the buyer and the agent. This program is intended to get more clients for you, the agent, by using a lead capturing system and by working together, you and I, with clients to make the whole process progress from start to finish as smooth as possible. Using a pre-listing or pre-sale professional home inspection will help to eliminate surprises and unexpected issues that tend to kill a real estate deal. If you have not yet watched the videos on the Real Estate Agents page I strongly urge you to take a few minutes to view them.

There is substantial evidence to support the belief that a client who wants to sell their home can greatly improve their chances of a faster sale and receive a higher sale price if they have a pre-listing or pre-sale home inspection. When an inspection has already been completed there are also fewer issues that arise that require re-negotiations or concessions by the seller. In most cases the inspection pays for itself as a result of the higher sale price. Because the seller was already aware of problems, they could either make the necessary repairs or adjust the selling price accordingly giving them the upper hand in negotiations and it also limits any objections that a buyer might have in disputing the asking price.

How It Works




The agent gets a new listing and encourages the seller to get a pre-listing inspection.

If the seller has an issue with the cost of the inspection they will have the option to pay only $50 up front and the inspection fee will be paid at closing.


A potential buyer sees the signs in the front yard and sends a text message to get more information about the property.


The agent is immediately notified  and now has a new lead.


The inspector performs the inspection for the property and informs the seller about any issues that were found.

The inspection report will be made available on a landing page where the buyer can go to get more information.


The agent contacts the potential buyer and shows the home.

The sales cycle continues until an offer is accepted by the seller and the agent continues to get new leads from buyers requesting more information.


The seller(s) decide how to handle the issues discovered  during the inspection.

Make repairs, adjust asking price, or a combination of both. This will give the seller more leverage in any negotiations.


A for sale sign is placed in the front yard along with a "Pre-Inspected" sign with "TEXT 1212 to (phone #)" for more information".

The buyer will be directed to a landing page.

* Happy Seller - Their home was sold quickly and for a higher price.

* Happy Buyer - They feel good about their decision to buy and got into the home quickly and for a fair price.

* Happy Agent - Another home sold, multiple new leads, and happy buyers & sellers tend to make referrals to friends.

Everybody wins!

Final Results

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