What Is A Home Inspection?

If you are not sure what a home inspection is or what is inspected, please watch this short video.

We use the latest technology to get your home inspection report done quickly and accurately.  Our reports contain additional illustrations and clear understandable information to further explain any issues that are discovered during the inspection process. This will help you completely understand the issue and what needs to be done to correct it.

11th Month

It is our goal to give you the most accurate information about the current state of the property you are planning to purchase. As a buyer you need to have fact based information so that you will have everything you need to make an informed decision before you purchase.


Structural, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and  Optional Systems will be inspected as well as Appliances. Operational and visible defects will be reported according to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Standards of Practice.

As the seller, our report will help alert you to areas where repairs may be necessary before a sale can move forward. This can also be a strong selling point showing potential buyers that you have been proactive in finding and repairing issues.


By making them aware that the property has already been inspected and some or all of the issues have been corrected you will help put potential buyers at ease and give them the confidence to proceed with the purchase of the home.

Did you know that even brand new homes have defects? Initially, especially in a new home, issues are hidden but over time they slowly start to reveal themselves. Home inspectors are trained to look for the evidence that a problem is beginning to creep into the picture. Water is probably the greatest enemy of a home, even a small leak over time can cause thousands of dollars in damage by the time it becomes noticeable to a homeowner.


Do you expect a phone call or a letter from your builder telling you that your 1 year builder warranty is about to expire? Probably not.


Most builders have a 1 year home warranty where they will cover any issues due to workmanship or material defect. An eleven month home inspection may expose defects that were not visible just a few months before. Most defects go from 3 to 5 years before they are noticed. By catching these defects early and having the builder foot the bill, you can get the problem fixed at no cost to you and avoid major repair expenses in the future.

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